Coldnetwork update 3.0 is right under your Christmas tree
We have been preparing features for the upcoming update.


First and foremost, the release dates
All updates will be taking place on the 26th of December at different times for the following gamemodes;

Practice - at 4 PM
New, simple and clean divisions system with ranks
Over 10 new unique ladders as well a few new events
More prefix crates, nostalgic maps and refurbishments to current events

KitMap - at 8 PM
Weekly hosted faction tournaments
A new, non-p2w Cold+ rank will be revealed on the 25th
Our network has been preparing some important updates for every gamemode to ensure your gameplay stays polished and entertaining.

We value your feedback and would love to hear your suggestions to advance further. If you would like to place a suggestion, please ensure it follows the format below;

  • Gamemode - Suggestion details
Every suggestion will be read and some will be rewarded as an implementation on the next update.
We’re always striving to improve further.

You may have noticed a lack of network updates recently, but this is not without reason.
We've been working hard on updates that ensure your pvp experience is unrivalled, now it's time to deliver them.

Coldnetwork will be whitelisted from the 13th of August, 11 PM CEST (5 PM EST) until 14th of August, 7 PM CEST (1 PM EST) to perform necessary update implementations. All bans and blacklists will be reset, giving players a chance to enjoy the new updates. On top of that, a new domain "" will be added to join through.

Furthermore, we have cleaned up the public discord and will remake our lobbies to be more FPS friendly. Rewards for the top 3 times on lobby parkour will be given out on the day the network gets whitelisted. Donations will now be globally broadcasted across the entire network to show appreciation and for you to flex your new rank.

Yo Penguins,

A brand new skyblock realm will release July 24th, 3 PM CEST.

July 24th, 3 PM CEST

This is a modern skyblock server with alot of cool features.
Tropical skyblock realm is made by dutchminerHD with days and days of work

Some cool features:
- Minions
- Infinite Chests & Voidchests
- Island top with is lvls
- Custom mob loot
- /Mobcoin shop
- Koth with sick rewards
- Great vote rewards
- Island upgrades
& Alot of more features

Island Top information, DYNAMIC

If 25% of the donation goal gets reached these will be the payouts:

1st = $75 PayPal | $100 Buycraft + TAG
2nd = $60 Buycraft
3rd = $25 Buycraft

If 50% of the donation goal gets reached these will be the payouts:

1st = $150 PayPal | $200 Buycraft + TAG
2nd = $75 PayPal | $100 Buycraft
3rd = $50 Buycraft

If 75% of the donation goal gets reached these will...
Information Practice Season 7

Yo Penguins,

Practice Season 7 is going to be released today at 5 PM CEST with many major gameplay changes.

June 28th, 5 PM CEST

Check here to see what time release is for you!


New Knockback & Hits & Pots

Mostly when a server change their knockback the players of the servers do not like it. However, we have made amazing knockbacks for each ladder that you guys will love pvping with. The new knockback is higher, sensitive and a lot smoother than current one. (KB By @Prionity) Besides hits and knockback, the pots are now slower and smoother which requires skills.

New Events:

Added 2 new events that are;
* Gun Game: You start...