OP-Skyblock - Saturday 26th of May, 4pm GMT+02 (Made by @Rezar and @Nick) - epic gang

OP-Skyblock features:
  • Ah - Open the auction house and put items for sale
  • New Spawn,PvP Arena,Mines
  • Custom Menus /warp,/staff,/event etc
  • New featherboard
  • Island donator wich have donator mine,shop
  • New /warp food
  • Chest dropping in PvP Arena!
  • Koths
  • Custom Achievements
  • Auto broadcasts that include information and tips
  • Create your own chest shops
  • Optimized LAG detector, will clear all entities to prevent it
  • NPCs (Noobs xd) standing at spawn, right click them for more info
  • Random Ores appear while mining in a generator
  • Island Upgrades - /is upgrade
  • Daily rewards (Given every 24 hours)
  • A friends system
  • /Disguise
  • /Block
  • New crate rewards
  • MobStacker
  • Mines for everyone
  • Leaderheads at spawn
  • Pets / companions
  • /nv - turn on night vision
  • /Rankup - In-game ranks for in-game...
Information Practice 2.5
Dear Cold-Network community,

I know I am a bit late with this thread, but hereby the thread for practice 2.5:

I have a bit of bad news, the practice 2.5 will be delayed to friday.
(I'll talk a bit about each things below it)
New features:
- New rank
- Sumo event
- Event Menu
- Hostevents with your preffered kits
- Cool new leaderboards menu in game
- New arenas
- New event arenas
- Added kits
- Fully new theme
- Spectator menu
- New lobby
- Hologram leaderboards (Not 100% sure)

New rank:
Yes, hereby we'll have a new donator rank called Elite (€40) which has access to the following things:
- All things from donator+
- Host sumo events
- Access to change your nick name
- /fly in the lobby
- /chatcolor [colorcode] (Example: /chatcolor &b)
- A few more things once we come up with it

Sumo event:
Yes, we'll be introducing sumo event to our server, we have a cool arena which players will fight 1v1 on a platform where they'll have to knock eachother off, last man...
Dear ColdNetwork community,

Finish this meme in the comments including your ign for a 10 euro coupon:
EDIT: @TylerDaBoss won!

Due to a few things the giveaway results had to be delayed so I could announce the official dates.

I'm going to keep this thread short as I know many of you don't wanna read a whole book.

There'll be 5 topics in this thread:
- Giveaway results
- New Giveaways
- Gamemode update+reset dates
- Host change
- Steam Group

GiveAway results:

Here are the giveaway results of the free giveaway:

1st place:
2nd place:
3rd places:

You will be pmed tomorrow!


New Giveaways:

Giveaway #3:

This giveaway will be free to enter, and it will last until the end of may.

- x2 50€ Coupon code
- x2 25€ Coupon code
- x4 10€ Coupon code

Giveaway #4 (Fast-Raffle):

This giveaway will also be free to enter, and it will last...
IMPORTANT Staff Requirements
In the name of the whole HeadStaff-Team we apologize for any inconvenience about our Staff Requirements.
I agree we did not really follow our own Stuff and caused much trouble with it, which shouldn't happen in our Position.

we will Promise to take more care about the strictness for our Applicants and Requirements, to avoid further problems.

Age Requirement has been changed from 15 to 14.
Punishments on ColdNetwork has been changed from 31 days to 15 Days.

our current StaffMembers will be spared From this change and are allowed to stay in our Team.

-You can't have any punishments on ColdNetwork's server/discord/teamspeak/forums in the past 15 days.
-You can't have more than 1 forum account, if you have more forum accounts please inform us about it in your application.
-You can't be a staff member on any other servers.
-You must be registered on the forums and server for atleast 31 days.
-You must be 14 years or older.
EVENT As promised
Finish this meme sentence in the comments for a free 10 euro coupon which can be used with sale (18 euros worth of stuff) (Don't forget your ign for the free giveaway :p):
That hurt like...
EDIT: Cypru won!

As promised I'll host giveaways and do sales in may, I decided that the sale will be 40%. THE SALE IS LIVE NOW!

As for the giveaways, I'm gonna start 2 giveaways as of today, and 2 more will follow during the month:

Giveaway 1 (Premium GiveAway):
This giveaway will be for active donators, which is for everyone who spends 20 euro or more during may (Actually 20 euro, that means not 20 euro worth of items as we have a sale).

1. 150 Euro webstore items (no sale)
2. 100 Euro webstore items (no sale)
3. 50 Euro webstore items (no sale)

How to enter this giveaway: Everyone who donates 20 euros or more IN MAY will automatically be added!

This giveaway will end at the 1st of june.

Giveaway 2 (Free GiveAway):...